RT Family e storia Agora Club

Five clubs one vision e breve storia dell’Agora Club International! Da venerdì 23 Febbraio Agora club International ha dato a tutti i club nazionali l’input di postare sui propri siti e canali social il seguente logo. Happy to see our combined logo popping up on different social media platforms, we would like to take the chance to give some further information about Agora Club International. In 1987 the first Club Agora France in Lille was created by former members of Ladies’ Circle International. In 1988 the French National Board was founded. In 1993 Agora Club Nederland was founded, followed by Agora Club Belgium the year after. In June 1996, the first Annual International Council took place in Strasbourg, France. Today there are 24 member countries. From the beginning Agora Club was open for past Circlers, wives of tablers and interested women over 42. We believe that age or your family status should not be the factor to decide on whether you can join and do good. Some women were busy with their families, careers or just hadn’t heard of us. Each local club decides who can join them and even the age rules are a little different regarding the age limit of some national Ladies‘ Circles. In 2009 Agora Club opened up to Tangent Club, and welcomed Agora Club Tangent Germany as an Agora member country in the same year. They even kept the Tangent in their official name to emphasize the strong bond to Ladies' Circle Deutschland and to lead a way that both past circler clubs should merge and not lead to splitting up.

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